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THE USE OF CARTOONS CAN HELP YOU, YOUR COMPANY OR YOUR CLIENTS GRAB ATTENTION. Cartoon Studio draws attention grabbing cartoons, cartoon strips and caricatures for advertisements, web sites, blogs, books or presentations, TAP INTO THE 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE OF A FREELANCE CARTOONIST TO HIRE HERE.

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Professional experienced illustrator for hire. Find an Illustrator, Hire an Illustrator, Commission Illustrator with over 30 years experience and many well known corporate clients.
health and safety cartoon to educate kids about NOTY playing near over head power cables. Kids have throw dogs lead over cables causing a big flash of electricity

I do illustrations for books, greetings cards, web sites, newspapers and magazines. You might even have a book you're self-publishing that needs brightening up with some humorous illustrations - or even a book cover!?

cartoon for Stargazers book cover. Arrangement of multicultural kids

Commissioning illustration from Cartoon Studio is very straightforward. While every job is different, most run along the following lines: Call me on 01246 209034 to discuss your project, I'll give you a clear idea of cost. Once fully briefed I'll send you sketches over the email for you to view and comment on. On approval I'll finish off the artwork in black/white line or full colour and then provide digital files in a format of your choice.

cartoon book cover 'Life This Way' series of books. Teenager running upstairs, boyfriends looks on puzzled. She says

Here's a simple snakes and ladders board game cartoon illustration I did for Greenwick Council - they needed to find a new way to run its leisure centres because of public spending cuts and together. A series of cartoons, games and cartoon strips were created to entertain the kids. snakes and ladders cartoon game.

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