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THE USE OF CARTOONS CAN HELP YOU, YOUR COMPANY OR YOUR CLIENTS GRAB ATTENTION. Cartoon Studio draws attention grabbing cartoons, cartoon strips and caricatures for advertisements, web sites, blogs, books or presentations, TAP INTO THE 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE OF A FREELANCE CARTOONIST TO HIRE HERE.

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Professional experienced Business Cartoonist for hire. Business Cartoons - PR Cartoons - Marketing Cartoons - Advertising Cartoons. Hire Cartoonist Commission Illustrator with over 30 years experience and many well known corporate clients.

carton for Hedex that was from a series based around the world Cup promotional cartoon for Hedex. Loads of phones riniging around stressed lady at work

Business communications that use cartoons are very effective,  they  deliver their messages visually in a light hearted way. Your audience will remember Cartoon Studio's business cartoons. Business and PR Cartoons and cartoon strips stand out and make a point!

Cartoon for Danish bacon promotion. cartoon of viking chasing women with a big leg of bacon
Cartoons are a very powerful tool, their use is a great way to lighten up some of the serious challenges we face in the current business environment. Cartoon  graphics drawn professionally attract the eye, and the humour they use helps readers to retain their content.

spot-the-difference cartoon. Two cartoons created for KSB Injury claims service. first cartoon of a guy in bed with a get well soon card, leg in plaster, had an accident. Second cartoon has a guy who is on a sunbed reading a book, drinking a cocktail

Use funny business cartoons because they break up text heavy reports, newsletters and presentations. They keep people upbeat and interested. People remember funny cartoons!

cartoon strip to promote 'Steps To Invention' conference. Cartoon strip featuring a caricature of Johny Ball

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